NFL Draft 2010 Voices Preview

Tomorrow night will find us all gathered around the television, as our ancestors of old would gather around a fire, awaiting the most momentous event of the NFL off-season: the Draft. The NFL Draft is a massive spectacle wherein we watch the players we so admired in college ball move from collegiate to professional careers … Continue reading

The End of the Fighting Sioux

This past Thursday a State Supreme Court ruled that the University of North Dakota would be allowed to put an end to its team’s nickname: The Fighting Sioux. The college has wanted to change the nickname to be allowed into the NCAA Division I Summit League. The NCAA has been quoted as believing that the … Continue reading

McNabb traded to Washington Redskins – AP Reports

Donovan McNabb has been traded to the Washington Redskins for the 37th overall pick in this years draft. The Redskins will also send either a 3rd or 4rd selection to the Eagles in the 2011 draft as well. The Eagles will have Kevin Kolb as their starting QB heading into this season. Mike “Dog Killer” … Continue reading