Venuing Partners with

Venuing has partnered with i70baseball who will administer the application for all Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals home games. We are excited to provide the following introduction: In an effort to provide coverage of Missouri baseball on a daily basis, will go “live” to the internet on Monday, July 12th. Bill Ivie, … Continue reading

2010 World Cup Football [see also: soccer] Power Rankings: The ‘Committee For Who Wins’ decides

Hey Venuers, how you doing? Still balling? Thought so… And btw, caught your breath yet? Holy mackerel, ten beers and nigh 36 hours ago, US Soccer made The Venuist entirely forget that the NBA Finals ever happened. Too bad the that Peanuts’ gang of Charlie Brown look-a-likes (see also: Slovenia) couldn’t come along for the … Continue reading

Hank Baron

Hank Baron was born in the summer of 1982 in a far away land his tribe of roving gypsies call Florida. Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” was #1 in the U.S. on the Billboard 100 and his father had high hopes that he would grow up to be remotely athletic. Eighteen years later, the bookish … Continue reading

The Venuist

The Venuist — or as he’s known around the Venuing Voices offices, “Dear Leader” — is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Voices team. Our more dedicated readers know him from his award-winning days* as chief interviewer for the Brooklyn Ski Club (“Tomamerica”) and as primary contributor [see also: Talking Head] at our old blog, … Continue reading

A Message from the Management

Hello Venuers, We had an exciting opening weekend at Fenway Park and Citi Field and want to spread the fun to more than just the fans at the game. Therefore, we will be taking down our geo-fence to allow anybody to Venue at upcoming events. Starting April 13 at the Yankees’ home opener at the … Continue reading

It's a Holy day, but tonight it's War. [Yankees vs Red Sox]

Major League Baseball’s season gets under way tonight in Fenway Park, with the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox starting things off in grand fashion. Excitement will be in the air, so will hatred and animosity for the opposing team. The wind won’t be the only thing swirling around the park tonight as … Continue reading

Odd Sports with Hank Baron: Bossaball

Hello kids, it’s Hank Baron, back from a lengthy blogging sabbatical that was as unnecessary as it was unnoticed. But now that I’ve survived this week’s awesome Venuing Launch Party in New York and am safely ensconced in my secret cave headquarters here in Boston, I can get back to the business of working for … Continue reading

Venuing, LLC Launches Mobile Sports & Entertainment Social Network

Venuing is an interactive social community combining traditional and emerging media technology. It features a mobile application for the iPhone™, available free at the Apple iTunes store beginning March 22, 2010. During the initial launch fans can access the app at Fenway Park, Citi Field, Citizens Bank Park and Yankee Stadium to celebrate the start … Continue reading

Red Sox to Trade Lowell to NBC Late Night for Conan O’Brien – AP Reports

[[Burbank, CA – 1/12/2010]] In a move arguably without historic precedent, the Boston Red Sox organization today agreed in principal to send Mike Lowell to the West Coast Headquarters of NBC/Universal in exchange for Conan O’Brien and the rights to “The Tonight Show” name. News of the agreed transaction broke today in the form of a … Continue reading

Red Sox to sell Mike Lowell as a Mail Order Husband – Reuters

    After being returned to the Red Sox from the Texas Rangers, a Connecticut family, the San Fransisco Giants, The Wu Tang Clan, and most recently Scott Boras Corp., the Red Sox have successfully moved Mike Lowell via the website: The Red Sox will be picking up Lowell’s full salary, but will be receiving a check … Continue reading