Hank Baron

Hank Baron was born in the summer of 1982 in a far away land his tribe of roving gypsies call Florida. Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” was #1 in the U.S. on the Billboard 100 and his father had high hopes that he would grow up to be remotely athletic. Eighteen years later, the bookish … Continue reading

The Venuist

The Venuist — or as he’s known around the Venuing Voices offices, “Dear Leader” — is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Voices team. Our more dedicated readers know him from his award-winning days* as chief interviewer for the Brooklyn Ski Club (“Tomamerica”) and as primary contributor [see also: Talking Head] at our old blog, … Continue reading

Best Playoff/Playoff Performance, 2009: C.C. Sabathia, Bulls vs. Celtics, Arizona Cardinals

This years winner(not really this year but you know what I mean) for Best Playoff/Playoff Performance goes to the Celtics and Bulls for the most freakishly amazing series in NBA Playoff history ever! And this isn’t up for debate. When you get 7 total over time sessions in one series, more than any team has … Continue reading