The Devil's Advocate: Joe Mauer Sucks

I know everyone thinks that Joe Mauer is the greatest thing to ever happen to Minnesota…well, he probably is, but that’s besides my point. Mauer, he isn’t as good as everyone thinks he is. At the age of four Mauer was asked to leave his T-Ball league because he hit the ball too hard for … Continue reading

Mark Teixeira's Elbow, Jerry Manuel's Headaches and Jamie Moyer's Age.

Yankee Business In the land of make believe, aka Yankee Universe, Mark Teixeira got plunked on the right elbow by Jeremy Guthrie Monday night in Sarasota Florida. While the elbow is all swollen, Teixeira is planning to shoot a few Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson inspired commercials for the upcoming season on YES Network. YES Network … Continue reading

Tools of Ignorance – Red Sox Spring Camp Training Report from 33 Problems

TOI Spring Training Addition. Is it strange that I cared that the Red Sox had a no-no going thru 6 innings in Monday’s game against the Cardinals? I sent a text to my brother and to Venuist and got the following responses: “Dude, Its March” “Awesome. Thank god that counts” Sox went on to lose … Continue reading

Joe Mauer bats lefty too

The Venuist is curious as to whether Yankee Stadium (version 2.0, not to be confused with the recently deceased 1.2  version) realizes that Joe Mauer also bats left-handed.  Sure, all summer the Yanks have taken advantage of that short porch (T*V – that’s me – saw this himself his summer) that’s all of three feet … Continue reading