Marcus Thames: Going From Zack Morris Cool to Samuel Power in 24 Hours

Zack Morris was cool. Know how? His Wikipedia’s “Love-Life” section is divided and sub-divided. There is Junior High, High-School, and College, with High School being further delineated by “long-term relationships,” “short-term relationships,” and “crushes.” The “short-term relationships” has sixteen girls listed; my favorite being Nicki Kapowski — Kelly’s younger sister — because she was a … Continue reading

Yanks Have Long Lineup (No, Jay Bilas Doesn't Cover Baseball Now)

Coming into the season, it was clear the Yankees were going to hit. Most analytical critics believed that the offseason moves made the Yankees a stronger overall team but their offense might regress. The argument focused on the Gardner/Thames platoon in left replacing the Gardbrera one that occupied center last year. Further, many believed Nick … Continue reading