The French Open: Redemption and Surprise

Rafael Nadal has reclaimed his title of King of the Clay, taking revenge on Robin Soderling by beating him in straight sets. Nadal is now 38-1 at Roland Garros, the French Open court, his one loss courtesy of Soderling. Afterwards Nadal tweeted, “REVENGE!!!1”, then followed up with another tweet that read, “I iz teh clay … Continue reading

Upset City: The French Open

It’s upset season at the French Open. Following Roger Federer’s was dethronement by Robin Sonderling of Sveden, Serena Williams was defeated by Samantha Stosur, a women who has never made it to the finals of a Grand Slam. For Stosur this is the second big name player she has defeated in a row, the first … Continue reading

Truest Sports Villain, 2009: …Danica Patrick?

The trickiest and most subtle of all sports villains, Danica Patrick has infiltrated our TV screens and Men’s Interest magazines with her immaculate body and unquestionable charm. Her ongoing stint as the Go Daddy Girl and continued appearances in Maxim, Playboy, etc., have won the hearts and other parts of the male population, and her … Continue reading