Harper's Ferry: Consensus #1 Pick Sets Sail for Majors

Bryce Harper. Phenom. Destroyer of baseballs. The 2010 version of Stephen Strasburg, as expected, was drafted #1 overall in Monday night’s 1st round of the 2010 First-Year Player Draft which took place in Secaucus, New Jersey. This slugging catcher(and soon to be outfielder) put up eye-popping numbers as a 17-year-old at the University of Southern … Continue reading

The Devil's Advocate: Baseball's Most Hated Man

And no I’m not talking about Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, or even Roger Clemens (though it is likely that each of these fine men will have their own page entries here in the future). No, the man I am here to write about today is Scott Boras. There are many who have a strong distaste … Continue reading

MLB Spring Training Cometh! : 33 Problems’ “Tools of Ignorance”

Thomas was great, you never changed the channel or left the room while he was at bat. Even in his last Oakland and Toronto days you knew he could punch one out at any time.

Red Sox Trade Mike Lowell plus $9M to Scott Boras for Adrian Beltre – AP

    [BASEBALL UNIVERSE, CA] The Baseball Universe was rocked yet again today by the announcement that the Boston Red Sox had agreed to trade Mike Lowell and his expiring contract to self-styled “super-agent” – and destroyer of worlds – Scott Boras.  Scott Boras is located somewhere in California we think so that will mean not … Continue reading