Welcome to Miami!

The Denver Broncos decided today to trade greatness for potential, sending wide receiver Brandon Marshall to the Miami Dolphins for two second-round draft picks, one this year and one in 2011. Marshall provided the Broncos with great plays but also a lot of headaches with his off-the-field problems. Now they don’t have to deal with … Continue reading

Vikings to Meet with Tomlinson on Thursday in an Attempt to Become Ancient

The Minnesota Vikings are preparing to meet with LaDanian Tomlinson (recently dropped by the Chargers) on Thursday in an attempt to persuade him to move from the beaches and babes of SoCal to the frozen wastelands of the north known for their wampa ice beasts and operatic valkyries. Tomlinson, who is 30 years old (or … Continue reading

Jets-Cromartie Conspiracy

As reported faithfully by my buddy the Queen Street Hooligan, the Jets have signed Antonio Cromartie to round out their cornerback slots…and by “round out” I of course mean utterly dominate. But the thing that’s funny about the whole move is that the reason the Chargers were so willing to drop Cromartie (or at least … Continue reading

Hank Baron’s Best 10 of ’10 – Favre, Sox, Cheney, OJ & More!

Boy, we as a people love to list things, don’t we? And now, since the next numerical decade is about to be foisted upon us, more than ever people like to look back at things and events past and rank them in a subjective and sometimes arbitrary fashion. Fortunately for you, I have more sense than most people. Instead of feeding you some staid Best of 2000-2009 or even a Best of 2009, I will give you my projections—no, my vision—of what the future holds for the world of sports.