NFL Draft Live Article-ing

The NFL Draft is the most important annual non-event on the sports calendar. It barely beats out the likes of Red Bull Flugtag, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, WrestleMania, and the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs. Therefore, to honor the King of Cult Events as it goes primetime for the first time, I will be … Continue reading

NFL Draft 2010 Voices Preview

Tomorrow night will find us all gathered around the television, as our ancestors of old would gather around a fire, awaiting the most momentous event of the NFL off-season: the Draft. The NFL Draft is a massive spectacle wherein we watch the players we so admired in college ball move from collegiate to professional careers … Continue reading

Jon Gruden Loses All Credibility – AP Reports

Jon Gruden stated today that he actually thinks Tebow is good. I mean like really good, like maybe first round good, and he is surprised by how many of us “Tebow-haters” there are out there. He was particularly impressed with Tebow’s knowledge, citing his familiarity of many NFL offenses. Hey, I played Madden, can I … Continue reading