Damn, I Was Wrong

So you can’t win them all. That’s OK though. As a NY Giants fan I can tell you I am sincerely, stupendously excited that Berry was not the pick. Instead, the Redskins chose Trent Williams, offensive tackle out of Oklahoma. Recap: Trent Williams is the Dez Bryant of offensive tackles. Thought to be the most … Continue reading

The End of the Fighting Sioux

This past Thursday a State Supreme Court ruled that the University of North Dakota would be allowed to put an end to its team’s nickname: The Fighting Sioux. The college has wanted to change the nickname to be allowed into the NCAA Division I Summit League. The NCAA has been quoted as believing that the … Continue reading

Washington Redskins tire of sucking, hire Mike Shanananahanahan

He awoke in a panic and covered in cold sweat, realizing the reality: his team didn’t even make it to the playoffs with their 4-12 record.