The Devil's Advocate: In Defense of the Philadelphia Fanbase

This past Sunday night Pat Hickey, a Canadian sportswriter from Quebec, left the Wachovia Center after watching the Montreal Canadiens lose 6-0 to the Philadelphia Flyers, only to find his car covered in beer cans and his tires slashed. Sadly this is not an isolated event. A news broadcast team from CBC was vandalized by … Continue reading

Philadelphia Phillies: What Happened to that Offense?

It’s early, but hey it’s always better to be ahead than behind [enter innuendo here]. The Phillies have jumped to the head of the pack in the always competitive NL East, one game ahead of the Marlins in the loss column and a full game ahead of the Braves, with an 8-4 record. With great … Continue reading

Philadelphia Phillies: Ready to Make History?

The Phillies stand poised on the edge of greatness. Having won the NL penant for the past two seasons, they are in a position to be the first team to win an NL penant for three consecutive season since the 1942-44 St. Louis Cardinals, which could put them up in a serious discussion for one … Continue reading

Most Total Sports Badass/Complete Nutjob, 2009: Sean Avery, Plaxico Burress, and more

Winner: Plaxico Burress/WR/frmr NY (football) Giants In a world of skin-tight rules of sportsmanship, politically correct soundbites and calculated celebrity tweets, we would like to honor the Plaxico Burress for singlehandedly reaffirming our faith in sports humanity. Now, we can see you’re perplexed (per-Plaxico-ed? tee hee)…well, we can explain. For starters how effing boring is … Continue reading

Muhammad Ali to Westbrook: "Keep playing, That's a great idea!"

This past season Brian Westbrook suffered not one, but two concussions in the span of three weeks sidelining him after half a season. As such it was no surprise that the Eagles dropped Westbrook, who was never played a full sixteen game season, earlier today. However, Westbrook isn’t ready to hang up the jock strap … Continue reading

MLB Spring Training Cometh! : 33 Problems’ “Tools of Ignorance”

Thomas was great, you never changed the channel or left the room while he was at bat. Even in his last Oakland and Toronto days you knew he could punch one out at any time.

Scott Brown Selected to Start in NBA All-Star Game by Uninformed Electorate – AP Reports

Despite playing only 20 games this season with career low numbers (14.9, 2.8, 4.3), Scott Brown has been selected to start the NBA All-Star game on February 14th. This has come as a surprise to followers of the NBA considering the impressive seasons put together by Rajon Rondo, Joe Johnson, Martha Coakley, Derrick Rose, and Brandon Jennings, … Continue reading

Red Sox Closer Jon Papelpon is Certifiably Infreakingsane – ESPN

    Unbelievably interesting piece posted on the ESPN Boston blogs today.  You can read the redacted or full versions, depending on your preference.  I recommend the bullet points as the long version  is just one of Gordon Edes (he and Shaughnessy anchored out the old blow-hards section of Sports Section during The Boston Globe‘s … Continue reading

This man clearly does not appreciate that Greenman is totally saving his life right now, bro

Red Sox trade Lowell to Phillies for Cheesesteak, Condiment to be named later – AP Reports

    [Boston, MA – 12/23/2009] – Red Sox Sources confirm that Mike Lowell has been, at last, shipped to the City of Brotherly Love for a package that finally, in the words of assistant GM Ben Cherington, represents “fair return value for a productive veteran player and clubhouse leader.” According to the particulars of … Continue reading