The Devil's Advocate: In Defense of the Philadelphia Fanbase

This past Sunday night Pat Hickey, a Canadian sportswriter from Quebec, left the Wachovia Center after watching the Montreal Canadiens lose 6-0 to the Philadelphia Flyers, only to find his car covered in beer cans and his tires slashed. Sadly this is not an isolated event. A news broadcast team from CBC was vandalized by … Continue reading

McNabb traded to Washington Redskins – AP Reports

Donovan McNabb has been traded to the Washington Redskins for the 37th overall pick in this years draft. The Redskins will also send either a 3rd or 4rd selection to the Eagles in the 2011 draft as well. The Eagles will have Kevin Kolb as their starting QB heading into this season. Mike “Dog Killer” … Continue reading

Best Scandal of 2009: A-Rod, Ramirez, Vick

If you honestly thought this was going to anyone other than Tiger Woods, I don’t really know what to say to you. The bombshell Thanksgiving revelation that everyone’s favorite athlete was sleeping with a myriad of women (including pornstar Holly Sampson) who were not his wife shook this nation to the core and made people … Continue reading

Muhammad Ali to Westbrook: "Keep playing, That's a great idea!"

This past season Brian Westbrook suffered not one, but two concussions in the span of three weeks sidelining him after half a season. As such it was no surprise that the Eagles dropped Westbrook, who was never played a full sixteen game season, earlier today. However, Westbrook isn’t ready to hang up the jock strap … Continue reading