Performer We'd Most Wish Injury Upon 2009, The Mets, Pau Gasol, Jake Cutler

And this year’s Performer We’d Most Wish Injury Upon Award goes to…..(drum roll)…..Skip Bayless of ESPN. First Take regular Skip Bayless take the stairs please, and whoever is behind him(no pun intended), give him a nice shove.(again, no pun intended) Has there ever been a host you wished a torn achilles upon more than Skip … Continue reading

Best Playoff/Playoff Performance, 2009: C.C. Sabathia, Bulls vs. Celtics, Arizona Cardinals

This years winner(not really this year but you know what I mean) for Best Playoff/Playoff Performance goes to the Celtics and Bulls for the most freakishly amazing series in NBA Playoff history ever! And this isn’t up for debate. When you get 7 total over time sessions in one series, more than any team has … Continue reading

Don't Call it the Oscars, Voices' Best of 2009

Hey, America! Still Ballin’? Thought so. If you hadn’t noticed, it’s not exactly a Silent Spring in the USA this week. Why’s that? Well, silly, it’s March 5 and that means that Oscar weekend (TM) has fallen upon us like the red and trumpeted dawn of Armageddon. And while, sure, we could all hold our … Continue reading