Hey Olympics!: 'Vancouver-Metrics' or, what's in a Medal anyway?

In honor of, staff-writer, YT Crooks ongoing exploration of advanced baseball statistics, The Venuist has the following thoughts to share on the state of the Vancouver Winter Olympics (or as I like to call them, “those things on television which follow me every where I go like the moon through my Camaro’s t-top on a … Continue reading

Hey, Olympics! Men’s Figure Skating Update: when sharing doesn’t mean caring :(

The debate still rages as to whether or not figure-skating is actually a sport, but — if this means anything — damn, those skaters sure do trash-talk like jocks. After winning the short program, Evgeni Plushenko went on to taunt other skaters in the competition, much like a boxer before a big match.  His jabs … Continue reading

MLB Spring Training Cometh! : 33 Problems’ “Tools of Ignorance”

Thomas was great, you never changed the channel or left the room while he was at bat. Even in his last Oakland and Toronto days you knew he could punch one out at any time.