Evgeni Viktorovich Plushenko IS figure skating!

I, for one, cannot say I’m shocked by such effrontery. We are talking about a sport that involves dudes dancing around on ice to Enya songs. Yes, it’s difficult and takes practice, but so does… I dunno… quilting. You don’t see grandma lobbying the IOC to make quilting an Olympic sport, do you? No, of course you don’t. Because grandma quilts on in quiet dignity; the same quiet dignity on display when she found out grandpa was screwing around behind her back for eighteen non-consecutive years of their forty year marriage, yet said nothing for the sake of their ungrateful children.

Lysacek “Upsets” Plushenko, Russian Pout-a-thon Ensues

Not since 1988 has an American male figure skater won gold at the Olympics, but last night Evan Lysacek upset heavily favored Evgeni Plushenko to stand atop the three-tiered podium.  In a routine that was about performance over flair, Lysacek showed that Plushenko’s bullying words had no effect on him, and that figure-skating is not … Continue reading