Adventures in Advanced Baseball Statistics, Part 2: ‘You down with OPS?’

So, I figured I would continue the sabermetrics column (leading up to the start of the baseball season) with a statistic that might be somewhat familiar to people.  OPS, or On-base Plus Slugging, is a term that is starting to become more known among the lay-men sports followers (like me) and is actually a combination … Continue reading

Intro to Sabermetrics, Part 1: WTF, etc?

[[Editor’s note: welcome to the first installments of Venuing’s “Get to Better Know You’re Advanced Statistical Measurements.”  Hooray!  Mad ups to brand-new Venuing Voices “Superduperintern” (technical term)  Josh for the assist here.]] Sabermetrics, for those of you not in the know, is a contemporary analysis of baseball player/team performance using “non-traditional” statistical measures. It is … Continue reading

Joe Mauer bats lefty too

The Venuist is curious as to whether Yankee Stadium (version 2.0, not to be confused with the recently deceased 1.2  version) realizes that Joe Mauer also bats left-handed.  Sure, all summer the Yanks have taken advantage of that short porch (T*V – that’s me – saw this himself his summer) that’s all of three feet … Continue reading