Offseason Blues: Seizures, Debts, Twitter, and 2014!

Feature Story: The Super Bowl comes to New York (NJ)! 2014 may be the first snowy Super Bowl ever. At the very least it will be much colder than usual. Peyton Manning, king of controlled weather conditions, has endorsed the move, so it must be fair. In related news Tampa continues to bitch that they … Continue reading

Offseason Blues: This Week's News in Football

Featured Story: Lawrence Taylor, Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Giants’ linebacker, has been arrested facing third degree rape charges, a.k.a. sex with a minor. Taylor allegedly propositioned a sixteen year old prostitute, whom he payed $300 for sexual favors. She reported him to the police after he refused to give her an autographed … Continue reading

Tom Cable to be sued for Finishing Move

I’m saddened every year when the NFL season draws to a close. Sunday becomes a meaningless husk of a day lacking any form of excitement or distraction to keep me from thinking about the upcoming work week on Monday. However, some drama has continued to persist in off-season releases (Tomlinson and Westbrook) and the upcoming … Continue reading