The 2010 Miami Heat v Space Jam: the ‘Committee for Who Wins’ Decides

This post originally on This week, that whole World Cup fiasco well over, TCFWW is taking on the most-talked about sports subject in these here United States: whether or not the new-look Miami Heat could take on the crew from the beloved sports-meets-Warner Cartoons epic, Space Jam. Round 1: We KNOW that LeBron didn’t … Continue reading

Cursed LeBron Travels to Miami

This article originally published on by YT Crooks. His Highness King LeBron James I of the Dutchy of Akron announced last night, during an hour long TV special rife with poor dialogue, badly choreographed action sequences, and an entirely predictable ending, that he would be joining Dwayne Wade and Chris “Predator” Bosh in Miami. … Continue reading

Rafer Alston tells Miami Heat: STFU LOL, Miami replies: GTFO

The Miami Heat’s guard Rafer Alston has been suspended indefinitely after not showing up to the game against the Atlanta Hawks. The Miami Heat posted a press release on their website, stating Alston’s only contact with the team has been through text messaging and has “made himself otherwise unavailable to the team.” Rafer Alston’s been … Continue reading