The D-Train's Coming Through! Contract Year Gems for Fantasy Baseball

Oh, the allure of the almighty contract year. Players looking to make more money in the off-season are guaranteed to dominate the MLB more than they ever have before, or at least that’s what you’re told. This is not always true. Players don’t always dominate in a contract year, in fact – some suck; look … Continue reading

Baseball Notes from Around the Web: “The Tools of Ignorance”

[[Editor’s Note: Welcome back to Venuist’s new baseball notes column.  Sorry, we tried to get Gammons but NESN blew our bid out of the water when Jerry Remy threw in his personal “Wally: The Green Monster” beanie baby to close the deal.]] More odds than ends… Jason Bay began his long marriage of hitting warning … Continue reading

This Week in WTF???

    This report just in from the Venuist WTF??? Wire… [Red Sox GM Theo] Epstein said the Sox are likely to non-tender one player by Saturday’s deadline. The GM wouldn’t reveal a name, but it is most likely first baseman Casey Kotchman, who made nearly $3 million in 2009. . . . WTF??? In … Continue reading