"Why the Red Sox (sigh…) Suck": One Exile's Boston Baseball Update

[[From my outpost of exile in New York City.]] So, sure, the Mets might have won in 20, but how did those last few days of Boston sports furor feel? Sox, Celts, Bruins (see also: bears), oh my! [[Open Note to Mets’ Team Leadership Forum: if you continue to pie-in-the-face every rookie (cough Ike cough … Continue reading

Chicken Little and Big Papi: Venuing Red Sox Beat Report

Ortiz is 1 for 11 with a single RBI. The sky is falling, the roof is caving in, the plane has crashed into the mountain. Mike Lowell should take over take over at DH and the once great Ortiz should ride the pine. Please. Baseball is a game that builds on itself. Each pitch is … Continue reading

Red Sox Mike Lowell: newly 'Lost'? – AP Reports

After having spent several months attempting to ship Mike Lowell to any professional ball club this side of the Nippon Pro League, the Boston Red Sox announced today that they have an agreement in place with the Producers of ABC’s ‘Lost’. In exchange for the undead (see: possessed) body of John Locke the Red Sox … Continue reading