Most Total Sports Badass/Complete Nutjob, 2009: Sean Avery, Plaxico Burress, and more

Winner: Plaxico Burress/WR/frmr NY (football) Giants In a world of skin-tight rules of sportsmanship, politically correct soundbites and calculated celebrity tweets, we would like to honor the Plaxico Burress for singlehandedly reaffirming our faith in sports humanity. Now, we can see you’re perplexed (per-Plaxico-ed? tee hee)…well, we can explain. For starters how effing boring is … Continue reading

Red Sox Mike Lowell: newly 'Lost'? – AP Reports

After having spent several months attempting to ship Mike Lowell to any professional ball club this side of the Nippon Pro League, the Boston Red Sox announced today that they have an agreement in place with the Producers of ABC’s ‘Lost’. In exchange for the undead (see: possessed) body of John Locke the Red Sox … Continue reading