This Week in Metsdom

Since the second coming of Jesus (a.k.a. Ike Davis), the Mets have sprung from the bottom of the NL East to second place, currently just a half game behind the Phillies. Also promising is the return of Jose Reyes. Yes, he’s been back in the lineup, but until recently he was looking like an April … Continue reading

The Man, The Legend…

Since being called up last Monday, Ike Davis has single-handedly propelled the New York Mets to 6 victories in 7 games. It is astounding how the tides turned once he was promoted. No Mets prospect has garnered this much (positive) attention since the 80’s, when Doc and Darryl were taking New York by storm, and … Continue reading

Mark Teixeira's Elbow, Jerry Manuel's Headaches and Jamie Moyer's Age.

Yankee Business In the land of make believe, aka Yankee Universe, Mark Teixeira got plunked on the right elbow by Jeremy Guthrie Monday night in Sarasota Florida. While the elbow is all swollen, Teixeira is planning to shoot a few Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson inspired commercials for the upcoming season on YES Network. YES Network … Continue reading