Hey, Olympics!: or, One Last Obligatory Figure-Skating Post

The Women’s Figure-Skating Freeskate (or “Long Program” as it used to be called, which actually makes a lot more sense) was last night…and really it was a bunch of yawn. Kim Yu-Na skated beautifully and perfectly cementing herself as Ice Goddess of Olympus. Mao Asada, Kim’s only real competition, tripped and allowed Kim a less-contested … Continue reading

Hey, Olympics!: a Figure Skating Report from Vancouver (right?)

So I was watching the Women’s figure-skating last night, and as the girls glided across the ice in their glittering tutus, I noticed that only three of the many competitors chose songs I was actually “down with”. In a “sport” that’s at least half performance (as we found out in the Men’s competition), I think … Continue reading

Hey, Olympics! Men’s Figure Skating Update: when sharing doesn’t mean caring :(

The debate still rages as to whether or not figure-skating is actually a sport, but — if this means anything — damn, those skaters sure do trash-talk like jocks. After winning the short program, Evgeni Plushenko went on to taunt other skaters in the competition, much like a boxer before a big match.  His jabs … Continue reading