We've Only Just Begun…

Your team is in last place. You lost week one 9-1, and week two 8-2. Your mother’s team is thriving off of Garrett Jones, while your twelve year old cousin is using Barry Zito’s fast start and Vernon Wells’s resurgence to take an early lead. Do not fret. There are tons of time tested techniques … Continue reading

A Dutch Master, A Baker… a Candlestick Maker?: Pitchers to Aim for in 2010

Be afraid, be very afraid. This is generally the mantra people take into draft day when considering how to draft pitchers. I’m here to give you courage (and a heart… and a brain!) Most pitchers are not hard to predict, the biggest problem with them is that there are the “either he’ll win me my … Continue reading

On Curtis Granderson, and a Boy Called Theo

    First of all, The Venuist extends its congratulations to the World Champion New York Yankees for continuing, spitefully, to kick ass even after the 2009 season has come to its conclusion. The Venuist, and this goes for nearly all of our staff, may not have warm feelings for the NYY franchise – and … Continue reading