Last night the Yankees had to face off against their former teammate Johnny Damon, now a member of the Detroit Tigers. Damon homered against his former team, a run that sealed their defeat in a 5-4 loss. Prior to the game Damon had spent most of his time in a walk-in freezer, as to be … Continue reading

Vikings, Favre, and the Draft

Last night the Minnesota Vikings made a last minute trade, opting to take two 2nd Round picks (34th and 62nd overall) and giving their late first round pick to the Detroit Lions. The Vikings will now have the second pick in Round Two, and the decision they make here is pretty key. On Tuesday it … Continue reading

NFL Draft 2010 Voices Preview

Tomorrow night will find us all gathered around the television, as our ancestors of old would gather around a fire, awaiting the most momentous event of the NFL off-season: the Draft. The NFL Draft is a massive spectacle wherein we watch the players we so admired in college ball move from collegiate to professional careers … Continue reading