I come back to this???

On April 30th I left for a two-week excursion across the Atlantic. The day I left the Mets crushed the Phillies 9-1, extending their lead to 1.5 games in the NL East. I came back Monday, and after two more excruciating losses, the Mets now sit at 20-22, 6 games back of the first-place Phils. … Continue reading

The Man, The Legend…

Since being called up last Monday, Ike Davis has single-handedly propelled the New York Mets to 6 victories in 7 games. It is astounding how the tides turned once he was promoted. No Mets prospect has garnered this much (positive) attention since the 80’s, when Doc and Darryl were taking New York by storm, and … Continue reading