Colts, Jets, Patriots, & more: “Tuesday Morning Hangover; Monday Edition”

    Hiya – now do tell!   Who else is lining up with us to get our “Curtis Painter” jerseys?   [[Note: take the following elements – Peyton Manning (the renaissance master of the gridiron) and Curtis Painter (woeful and inept would-be understudy and artist-in-training) and you’ve got one hell of a smug joke.]] … Continue reading

Chris Henry ejected from one last game – Reuters Reports

Okay, even I found that to be in poor taste. But in all seriousness, Reuters is reporting that this morning Bengals receiver Chris Henry finally succumbed to injuries sustained after falling out of a pickup truck under dubious circumstances. In spite of how absurdly preventable his death was, it really is a goddamn bummer when … Continue reading