Offseason Blues: The NFL on MTV

The Cincinnati Bengals have just added the latest bad boy to their roster. The infamous Terrell “T.O.” Owens will join fellow dark wizards Cedric Benson, Larry Johnson, and Matt Jones on the field for the Bengals’ 2010 campaign. This was all of course orchestrated by in-house genius Carson Palmer. But possibly more interesting than the … Continue reading

Offseason Blues: This Week's News in Football

Featured Story: Lawrence Taylor, Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Giants’ linebacker, has been arrested facing third degree rape charges, a.k.a. sex with a minor. Taylor allegedly propositioned a sixteen year old prostitute, whom he payed $300 for sexual favors. She reported him to the police after he refused to give her an autographed … Continue reading

Chris Henry ejected from one last game – Reuters Reports

Okay, even I found that to be in poor taste. But in all seriousness, Reuters is reporting that this morning Bengals receiver Chris Henry finally succumbed to injuries sustained after falling out of a pickup truck under dubious circumstances. In spite of how absurdly preventable his death was, it really is a goddamn bummer when … Continue reading