Joe Mauer – Stay Where You Are, a 3-some of Aces & Random & AL notes

Its like the drinking game asshole where you have to give up your best cards to the President and Vice President. The Red Sox and Phillies are the Prez and Vice and the Mets and Angles are the asshole. They have to wear silly hats and get John Henry beer. The Sox and Phills can also make up rules… either this analogy has legs and I’m a genius or I just drink too much.

Joe Mauer bats lefty too

The Venuist is curious as to whether Yankee Stadium (version 2.0, not to be confused with the recently deceased 1.2  version) realizes that Joe Mauer also bats left-handed.  Sure, all summer the Yanks have taken advantage of that short porch (T*V – that’s me – saw this himself his summer) that’s all of three feet … Continue reading