Phillies Droppin' the Ball

Nothing is ever certain in the NL East, and the Phillies, slated to be the division leaders with their strong starting rotation and overwhelmingly powerful hitters, have fallen to two games behind Bobby Cox’s cult (team). Hmmm…maybe another ’96 is in order? Is it still early? Yes. Is it of concern? Yes. Things have been … Continue reading

Philadelphia Phillies: What Happened to that Offense?

It’s early, but hey it’s always better to be ahead than behind [enter innuendo here]. The Phillies have jumped to the head of the pack in the always competitive NL East, one game ahead of the Marlins in the loss column and a full game ahead of the Braves, with an 8-4 record. With great … Continue reading

Geico forget the caveman, Jason Heyward has cometh….

I guess with baseball gearing up Gieco needed a new caveman. I would say pitchman, but this guy will soon be a nightmare to pitchers everywhere. Jason Heyward of the Atlanta Braves has insurance adjusters hanging out in the parking lot over the right-field fence at the Braves spring training facility. It seems the problem … Continue reading