Phil Hughes is Already an Ace

CC Sabathia and his 7 year-$161MM contract? Expensive but proving worthwhile after winning a championship in his first year. He clearly could afford the Sizzler after hoisting the Commissioner’s Trophy (Shakespearean aside: Really MLB? Does your marketing department suck to the point that you can’t even name your championship trophy something cool? I mean, your … Continue reading

Nomar: A Retrospective

After throwing out the first pitch at Wednesday’s game against Tampa in Palm Springs Anthony Nomar Garciparra joined Joe Castiglione and Dave O’Brian in the radio broadcast booth as a guest for the 4th inning. Commenting on all the fans calling his name, Garciaparra said, “I got my ‘H’ back.” Nomah. The prodigal son returns. … Continue reading

Scott Brown Selected to Start in NBA All-Star Game by Uninformed Electorate – AP Reports

Despite playing only 20 games this season with career low numbers (14.9, 2.8, 4.3), Scott Brown has been selected to start the NBA All-Star game on February 14th. This has come as a surprise to followers of the NBA considering the impressive seasons put together by Rajon Rondo, Joe Johnson, Martha Coakley, Derrick Rose, and Brandon Jennings, … Continue reading