Frequently asked questions about Venuing…

What is Venuing?
Venuing is a location-based community built for fans at live sporting events and concerts. It has multiple platforms that include a free mobile application, website, facebook fan page, twitter account, events, and more.

When will Venuing be available?
The mobile application will be available for downloads on 3/22/10.

What locations will Venuing be available?
The initial locations are in baseball stadiums: Yankees, Mets, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies

How does Venuing know where I am?
After you download the application, our technology will be able find you once you enter a stadium that Venuing is available in.

Are there any partnership opportunities available?
Yes, please contact Jared@venuing.com for any partnership opportunity inquiries.

Which devices will this work with?
Initially on iPhone, but will be on other devices at a later date.

What are some of the major features of the Venuing app?
Through a breathtaking, 3D graphic interface users can:
-Message with other sports fanatics at the same live event – going beyond your usual network of friends and sports buddies.
-Avoid messing with stadium staff once and for all by pinpointing your exact seat location on an interactive map.
-Chat live with special moderators before, during, and/or after featured live events.
-Finally, find the stadium/arena information you need regarding food, beer, exits/entries, and bathrooms before you leave your seat.
-Go head-to-head with other users with in-game ‘beat the clock’-style sports games and other real-time interactive contests.

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