MagsBarmyArmy is like the US Army in that it is an army of one. That is also where the similarities cease. The Barmy Army consists of Mags’. After spending many years adrift at sea, he recently washed up on the shores of Greenpoint and was immediately accosted by The Venuist and cajoled into writing for … Continue reading

Hank Baron

Hank Baron was born in the summer of 1982 in a far away land his tribe of roving gypsies call Florida. Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” was #1 in the U.S. on the Billboard 100 and his father had high hopes that he would grow up to be remotely athletic. Eighteen years later, the bookish … Continue reading

Backwards K

My name is Backwards K, and I live and die by my fantasy sports teams. Ever since I traded Kaz Ishii and a can of Dr. Pepper to Warning Track Power for the immortal Brady Anderson (I’ve known the man for 15 years. No, not Brady Anderson. WTP), I’ve loved fantasy sports (and I’m pretty … Continue reading

Warning Track Power

My alias is Waring Track Power…and he has a problem. WTP is my over analytical, incredibly arrogant, sabermetric-loving self who cares little of what others have to say because, in all probability, they are less right than I. My normal self — who may somehow sneak his way into some columns — is a much … Continue reading

YT Crooks

Y.T. is a blogger and one of the managers of the Venuing Voices’ site. He graduated from Goucher College in Baltimore with a Bachelor’s degree in English and dreams of becoming the next Neil Gaiman. Alas, too much time perfecting Super Smash Bros: Brawl skillz and a heavy addiction to EVE Online derailed him from … Continue reading

The Venuist

The Venuist — or as he’s known around the Venuing Voices offices, “Dear Leader” — is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Voices team. Our more dedicated readers know him from his award-winning days* as chief interviewer for the Brooklyn Ski Club (“Tomamerica”) and as primary contributor [see also: Talking Head] at our old blog, … Continue reading