Reflections from the Caribbean: Let them eat dope

This past week I was in a state of near-total lethargy. Things like this happen when you’re on a cruise. News was the heinous representation of the real world myself and 3,000 other untanned corpulent people onboard were avoiding like norovirus. The best we could do with keeping up was the big screen on the … Continue reading

Paul Pierce vs Twitter: "The Committee For Who Wins" back again!

This week at The Committee For Who Wins, we’re hosting a clash of true titans!. In one corner, Boston Celtics captain and all-timer, Paul Pierce. In the other, social networking leviathan, TWITTER! Round 1 – Paul Pierce’s chief vocation is that of a star performer for the storied Boston Celtics franchise of the National Basketball … Continue reading

Odd Sports with Hank Baron: Cardboard Tube Dueling

Like any man over the age of 26, I assumed that my days in cardboard tube fighting were long gone. The last time I was in a fiberboard imbroglio was at the ripe old age of 11. My cousin and I practically lived at our grandmother’s house that summer. That year, the powers that be … Continue reading

Odd Sports with Hank Baron: Chess Boxing

On the surface, you would think boxing and chess have little in common. One is designed for the socially inept human being looking to intimidate, subjugate, and publicly humiliate his opponent. The other is boxing. However, you could also argue that these two games (chess is not a sport) were both created with the same … Continue reading

Massachusetts star has sextuple double, Who did what ?

I know I was thinking who did what now, and hopefully it was consensual. I was gravely mistaken. A 16-year-old junior at Lawrence Academy in Groton, Massachusetts has recorded the first known sextuple double. A stat line that would make Lebron drool. If thats possible. Colin Cook had 28 points, 21 rebounds, 12 assists, 11 … Continue reading

Odd Sports with Hank Baron: Bossaball

Hello kids, it’s Hank Baron, back from a lengthy blogging sabbatical that was as unnecessary as it was unnoticed. But now that I’ve survived this week’s awesome Venuing Launch Party in New York and am safely ensconced in my secret cave headquarters here in Boston, I can get back to the business of working for … Continue reading

Most Total Sports Badass/Complete Nutjob, 2009: Sean Avery, Plaxico Burress, and more

Winner: Plaxico Burress/WR/frmr NY (football) Giants In a world of skin-tight rules of sportsmanship, politically correct soundbites and calculated celebrity tweets, we would like to honor the Plaxico Burress for singlehandedly reaffirming our faith in sports humanity. Now, we can see you’re perplexed (per-Plaxico-ed? tee hee)…well, we can explain. For starters how effing boring is … Continue reading

Patriots Make Bid for [an Orange] Julius, [Stuffed] Peppers – AP reports

As the greater Boston media likes to constantly remind the people of the United States, the New England Patriots may well have the hardest working staff in the National Football League (or as it’s known our many Southern friends: “Fuuht’bawl”). Sometimes the long, cold nights, which blend inevitably into dreary, grey, New England Winter mornings … Continue reading

Don't Call it the Oscars, Voices' Best of 2009

Hey, America! Still Ballin’? Thought so. If you hadn’t noticed, it’s not exactly a Silent Spring in the USA this week. Why’s that? Well, silly, it’s March 5 and that means that Oscar weekend (TM) has fallen upon us like the red and trumpeted dawn of Armageddon. And while, sure, we could all hold our … Continue reading

Red Sox Mike Lowell: newly 'Lost'? – AP Reports

After having spent several months attempting to ship Mike Lowell to any professional ball club this side of the Nippon Pro League, the Boston Red Sox announced today that they have an agreement in place with the Producers of ABC’s ‘Lost’. In exchange for the undead (see: possessed) body of John Locke the Red Sox … Continue reading