Minnesota’s ‘Hard Knocks’

This post originally on www.venuing.com/voices

The New York Jets have their own TV show, but maybe the Minnesota Vikings are more deserving. Brett Favre’s annual retirement waffling would likely prove more suspensful and dramatic than Survivor, The Bachelorette, or even MILF Island. The roadtrip adventures of Ryan Longwell, Jared, Allen, and Steve Hutchinson would be far more interesting than anything on The Jersey Shore. And can’t you see Brad Childress with his own MTV style video diary?

But every reality show needs to have its villain, and of course for the Vikings, that would be Sage Rosenfels. Now being accused of spreading the rumors about Favre’s supposed dislike for Coach Childress, Rosenfels would fit perfectly into the role of the sneaky, underhanded, backstabbing teammate. The Iago to Brett Favre’s Othello. The one trying to subvert the efforts of the aging but plucky hero for his own personal gain.

Then, in the end Tavaris Jackson, Favre’s obvious rival for the entire show, would step up and strike down the deceitful Rosenfels allowing Favre to proceed unimpeded to a glorious Super Bowl victory.

Can’t you see it?

I think it would make great television.

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