Favre Watch: Number 4 Returneth to the Northeth

The Minnesota Vikings sent a strike team composed of Steve Hutchinson, Jared Allen, and Ryan Longwell to kidnap Brett Favre and bring him up north for the 2010 campaign.

“Hain’t no way Tavaris Jackson is going to be our starting QB,” said coach Brad Childress. “It just hain’t gon happen. I’d rather have the forty year old geriatric by far. At least he knows how to throw a ball!”

But after the strike team fought their way through Favre’s defense force of Mississippi cheerleader ninjas, the Great One emerged from his mansion and announced that they needn’t resort to further violence, and that he would return to Minnesota. Ryan Longwell cried like a child who had been reunited with a long lost father. Hutchinson and Allen nodded gruffly. Favre was then escorted back to Minnesota with a full military convoy.

Favre has yet to be officially confirmed as the starting quarterback for the Vikings, but it looks like things are moving in that direction. Finally.

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