Bill Leavy Apologizes for ‘06 Super Bowl Officiating

Since Jim Joyce’s tearful apology over a blown call that cost pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game, it’s become trendy in America for officials to apologize for their mistakes. Hell, maybe it would have become trendy for World Cup officials to apologize if Sepp Blatter didn’t have them whisked off in the middle of the night and executed…but that’s another story. Bill Leavy, an NFL official, is the latest in the line of apology makers, telling the Seattle Seahawks this week that he is officially sorry for some botched calls he made during the 2006 Super Bowl between the Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Stealers, calls that may have led directly to the Seahawks losing that game.

“I think I would have liked to have seen more tears, but I guess it’s hard to summon up that kind of emotion after four years,” Seahawks Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said. “I appreciate the gesture, and I’ll give him a pass on the added theatrics.”

Most other Seahawk players were in Hasselbeck’s camp, but Stealers players weren’t so happy.

“We bribed him fair and square,” said Stealers’ tackle Max Starks. “If he feels so bad about taking the money, he should just retire. We bought that Super Bowl, and we did it well.”

Leavy described the sleepless nights of the last four years in detail at the press conference, the night terrors, constantly waking up screaming, urinating in the bed. It was too much to bear, and so he decided to apologize this weekend at the start of the NFL pre-season, only the second time he’s been to Seattle following the ‘06 Super Bowl (his ban from the city lasted three years and was only lifted after Emperor Holmgren’s departure).

The press and all attendees were very receptive to Leavy’s speech while he was in the room, but as soon as he left that started blasting some One Republic and continued the on-going burning of Stealers jerseys that has not stopped since 2006.

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