Special Guest Op-Ed Contributor, Ozzie Guillen — On Racism

This post originally contributed to Venuing Voices by Ozzie Guillen at www.venuing.com/voices.  Check back there for original article.

Hey. Hey you! You listen here to me now. Ozzie has lots to say.

Firstily I would like to thank Venuing Voices for giving me forum to speak thoughts close to my heart. Is better than ESPN who only think of Ozzie as clown man for entertain. But there is serious issue of racism in the baseball, and Ozzie wants to talk about.

Is long happening that Major Leagues favor Asian players over Latinos, giving them translator peoples and privileges. Latinos, they say “welcome to Estados Unidos, good luck”. Why is this, I do not know. White peoples can be very hard to understand. I try to ask Senior Selig, but he just say “Ozzie, I’m busy, and stop breaking into my office.”

And more, Major Leagues is not try to stop Latino players from using performance drugs. They tell Asians and white peoples no do, but never Latinos because they no care. Only Ozzie say anything. If not for Ozzie, all Latino players use performance drugs. Then, all have small down there. Is maybe conspiracy like JFK and football? I don’t know.

In finish, Major Leagues always is not helping Latinos and is preference to Asians. Is racism and needs to change. I hope little column here explain things good and help makes progress for future.

Hasta la próxima!


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