King James Holds Court

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King James will be holding court on Thursday night and has deigned to allow ESPN to broadcast the proceedings as he comes to a final decision as to which team he will sign with. The event will be an hour in length, starting at 9pm EST, during which time LeBron will again listen to the proposals from each interested party. Each team representative will enter the court separately, and after extoling the virtues of King James, will again present their contracts and added incentives. Once half of the representatives have presented, the puppet will regale the king, the court, and all of the viewers at home with juggling acts and acrobatics. Nigh to 10, King James will announce his decision to raucaus applause. Any dissenters will be summarily executed. There will be a feast at the conclusion of the ceremony, but it will not be broadcast. The King enjoys his privacy.

It will be an event to remember. Best not to miss it.

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One Response to “King James Holds Court”
  1. babytyche08 says:

    How majestic can you get? Well at least finally all the speculations will come to an end.

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