Yanks vs. Dodgers Series — Cano a Superhero

Three years ago I was in my friend’s dorm room watching the Yanks lose another first round of the playoffs (yes, they don’t win every year), which were to be the final games in pinstripes for both manager Joe Torre and third basemen Alex Rodriguez. I remember Yanks fans booing A-Rod every day as a Yankee because he wasn’t “clutch” enough but no one wanted Torre to go. This is a man who won four World Series rings with New York and his last game capped off another disappointing year for the Yankees. That’s the price of being a part of a New York organization. Things are great until you start losing. At that point, no matter who it is, it could even be Babe Ruth himself, and if the Yanks lose, he’d be tossed off the team faster than Michael Richards’s career ending following “Seinfeld.” Sorry Kramer. That being said, both Torre and A-Rod were on the field again this passed weekend as the Yanks took on the Dodgers. For A-Rod, his decision to stay in NY seems like a good one winning his first championship last season while Torre’s journey continues in Los Angeles along side former Yankee great, Don Mattingly. Let the drama unfold…

This post originally written by The People’s Champ.  See the full article here.

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