Super Friends: Jeter and Beyond Sport

The Yankees’ shortstop and captain, Derek Jeter, was recently named as one of the newest ambassadors for Beyond Sport. The organization’s stated goal is to promote social change through sports. It annually awards $1 million dollars to sports programs around the world that prove to have a positive impact in their communities. But all of this is just a cover.

In actuality Beyond Sport is a team of sports superstars dedicated to fighting evi no matter where it may lurk. Based out of a Weschester Mansion, Beyond Sport wages its war against crime and its rival organization JOCK, a group of athletes who give other jocks a bad rap with their superiority complexes, steroid usage, and bad media publicity. Stated members of this elite team, aside from Jeter, include Michael Johnson, Julie Foudy, and Lord Sebastian Coe. However, Hank Aaron, Pele, Dan Marino, and Ted Williams’ head have also been confirmed as members. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

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