Spygate Moves to Philly

On May 12th the Phillies’ bullpen coach was caught looking into the field using binoculars, and it was theorized that he might be attempting to steal signs for the team. This is also not the first time the Phillies have been accused of cheating; the Yankees and Mets have both vocalized grievances over it. But this incident doesn’t want to go away, and Manuel was forced to address it again on Monday.

“I cannot believe that anyone would think that we were stealing signs with binoculars in the bullpen. I hope somebody would give us a little more credit for being smarter than that. I mean, really. No, I can’t buy into that. But I can tell you this: We’re definitely not stealing signs. We are not stealing signs…I’ve been trying to do that ever since I started playing this game. I’m sure that every team in baseball does that. That’s your own fault if somebody’s stealing your signs…Would we? Yes, we would. But we’re not.”

Reading between the lines, it appears that Manuel’s message is that you can cheat, just be clever about your methods. Or maybe even: we would cheat, but we aren’t. It’s an odd stance to take on the whole thing and doesn’t really put anything to rest. So you’re not cheating now, and maybe you weren’t even cheating then, but clearly I should be looking for you to cheat in the future.

In related news Bill Belichick has reportedly mailed Charlie Manuel a gift basket containing cameras, long range sound equipment, the password to the Patriots’ spy satellite, and one of Belichick’s own invisibility hoodies. No word yet on how Manuel intends to use these devices.

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