2,777 Innings for Wakefield, and Ellsbury Is Still Injured

Yesterday was an historic day for Tim Wakefield who passed Roger Clemens as the pitcher with the most innings pitched as a Red Sock. [Is that the correct spelling? I’m unsure about the singular form of “Sox”.] Wakefield pitched has now pitched one more inning than Clemens as a member of the Red Sox with 2,777 innings. The Indians clearly knew it was a grand day and handed the win over to Wakefield by allowing a 3 run error.

In other news, Jacoby Ellsbury is looking for further answers in regards to the continued pain in his ribs, resulting from a collision with Andrian Beltre on April 11th. He is calling on specialist Ms. Frizzle to help him check it out. She and her magic schoolbus will be journeying into Ellsbury to investigate later today. It is believed that Ellsbury could be active to play again as soon as this weekend, but it will ultimately depend on Ms. Frizzle’s findings.

Come, Boston fans! We're off on an adventure!

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