The NBA Finals: Pre-Game 3 Analysises

The Boston Celtics managed a win over the Los Angeles Lakers in LA to drive the series to 1-1. Brilliant performances by Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo helped lift the Celts past the inspired play of Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, the gimpyness of Kevin Garnett, and the unnecessarily tight officiating of the officiators. Horrific play by Ron Artest was also a factor.

The world of Ron Artest does not always sync with the world as it actually is, and this is something the Lakers will have to deal with if they want to beat the Celts. Artest had a great game on defense, and in his mind, a great game on offense. In reality, his offense was terrible as he missed shots and ball-hogged the team out of contention. Phil Jackson also spent the game coaching his team instead of yelling at Chris Rock, which may have actually been a detriment to their performances. But we’ll see if he can bring Artest back to the real reality and make him play the game correctly.

On the flipside, the Celts have to be happy that they managed to beat the Lakers without a lot of help from KG. But can this continue? Will Allen and Rondo continue to perform at the level they did in Game 2? Can Doc Rivers keep his team motivated enough to stay ahead of the Lakers? Is Pau Gasol a cylon?

The above questions will be answered tonight at 9 on ABC. All I can say is, this shit will be epic.

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