Let's Have a Quickie: The Weekend Call-Ups

Earlier today I got my left knee meniscus removed. While this all but ends my dreams of starting next to Lebron next season in the World’s Most Famous Arena, I did have a pain killer aided epiphany. Rookies are starting to get called up, way more than I expected and a few different ones than I thought as well (I still have no idea why the Indians haven’t called up Carlos Santana. It’s June so there’s no benefit to keep him down unless they don’t bring him up all year, and he’s hitting .322 with 11 homers and 46 RBI in 53 games. Maybe the Tribe owes Lou Marson and Mike Redmond favors). Two big guns came to the show during the weekend: Mike Stanton and Brad Lincoln. Stanton is clearly 12-gauge shotgun, he can hit the ball a mile. Lincoln is solid as well, going 6-2 with a 3.16 ERA in AAA, while striking out 55 and walking 14 in 68.1 innings. As always, their fantasy impact is all that matters to me (and to this blog, for that matter), let’s examine them in this double-dip edition of “Let’s Have a Quickie.”

Mike Stanton (OF) – Florida Marlins
By all accounts, Stanton is the kind of guy who WILL become a .260-.280 hitter who WILL hit 40 homers. That’s his type. As a rookie though, we should expect to see a lower average, but a fair amount of homers. If he gets 300 AB, we can expect 15-20 homers potentially with upwards of 50 or 60 RBI. Not bad at all for a free agent add. He’s got a ton more value in keeper leagues if he’s not owned and you’re allowed to keep pick-ups (not always a given). We know a few certainties about Stanton: he has a decent eye (he walked 44 times in 52 games), strikes out too much (53 times in the same amount of games), and will have at least a few “Ohmygod I didn’t know anyone could hit it that far how did he do that?” moments. If you need HR’s and RBI and can deal with a bad average (potentially .220 bad, but more likely .240ish), add him quicker than I can say “I’m out of Percocet” (which, I assure you, is very fast).

Brad Lincoln (SP) – Pittsburgh Pirates
I’ll start off with the most obvious point related to owning any Buccaneer pitcher: He will not get you wins, they’re terrible. That being said, there may still be more value to him. His BB/9 in the minors was a fairly good 1.84 and his K/9 is above average, at 7.24, giving him an impressive 3.93 K/BB. That shows me that he was actually pitching well, not just overpowering inferior hitting. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the former 4th overall pick have something like a 3.75 ERA with 100 K’s from here on out, but then again he could have a 7.00 ERA in a few starts and get sent back down. Guys who get called up mid-year just don’t always perform. After all, he started the year in the minors for something. Just temper your enthusiasm with Lincoln, he’s not one of the 3 top pitching prospects this year (even though “Stephen “Jesus plus Buddha times Moses” Strasburg, Jaime Garcia, and Mike Leake are probably all owned) and could struggle with a bad team.

The Verdict: If you waited until you got to this part of the article to pick up Stanton, you may have made a fatal mistake. Do it now. Seriously, I’ll wait…

Lincoln is a good prospect and should be a great pitcher in the majors (or he could be Luke Hochevar, you never know), but don’t worry about him now. At least until he shows us something in a few starts. Even then, start him based on opponents. Be wary of the Cardinals, Phillies, Brewers, and any AL team not named the Orioles or the Athletics.

Most importantly, keep the bat on your shoulders.
-Backwards K

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