Wilson Chandler: Exhibit A as to Why LeBron Should Come to NY

Forgive the simplicity of this article. I am writing from my smartphone. Droid actually does.

On to my thesis: Wilson Chandler will make an excellent P.I.C. for LeBron James. At 6’8″ with superb athleticism (just ask Josh Smith who had his game-winning dunk attempt denied by the Knicks’ small forward), Chandler, when assertive, is an underrated scoring threat and the Knicks’ best on-the-ball defender (yes, better than Toney Douglas). He has shown the ability to create on his own by getting to the basket while also shooting out to the three point line. Let me explain why this enhances his P.I.C. status (in list form).

1) Most important and not often enough mentioned, LeBron will never have to guard the opposition’s best player. This allows the manchild to save energy while doing what he does best defensively: playing off the ball. LeBron will set a record for the most pins just from those he gets from half court sets.

2) Chandler is the perfect weapon to finish on kickouts from the King. Chandler’s ability to catch and shoot, or more likely pump fake the closing defender into oblivion and attack the rim makes him the perfect Robin to LeBron’s Batman. Perhaps he can even grow up to be Nightwing.

3) On some nights Chandler is good enough to carry the load offensively (i.e., can be the creator). LeBron does not need to be Superman every night. (Wait? How can he be both Batman and Superman? Because he is friggin’ LeBron James.) This becomes even more important in the playoffs when teams tend to quadruple team James and dare anyone else to beat them. Chandler will fulfill that dare.

4) Fast breaks with LeBron and Chandler would be downright scary. LeBron at 6’8″-270 and Diet LeBron at 6’8″-225 both with the ability to jump out of the building would lead to an incredible amount of easy buckets, especially when Mike D’Antoni’s offense comes out of hibernation.

5) My strongest point: Chandler will be the Knicks’s third option. LeBron’s handpicked fellow max free agent will play second fiddle. Chandler, at 23 years old, is already able to be the third banana — and has plenty of time to ripen into a great role.

Chandler is the biggest selling point on the Knicks’ current roster, but not lagging so far behind is Danilo Gallinari. I’ll explain how he fits in with LeBron whenever I get around to doing it…

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