Phillies in Mets' Target-lock

The Mets have been playing good ball lately, taking two out of three from the Yankees and blowing out the Phillies last night to even their record to .500. The bats have gotten hot, it appears, and the pitching is doing well despite all of the disruption that has plagued the starting rotation. Hisanori Takahashi had in amazing pitching performance for his first start in the US (despite the game ending in a loss for the Mets), and is set to make his second start against the Phillies tonight.

So why all this talk about the Mets? Well, I’ve always believed in talking about positives, and right now the Mets seem to have a lot more going for them. The Phillies have dropped their last three games and continue to be baffled by knuckleball pitching (hint: don’t swing), which has actually led all of their opposing AL East teams to create a pact for shuffling RA Dickey between their respective rosters.

Yes, it’s twue that the Phillies are still in first place in the NL East, but their hold is becoming more tenuous. The last place teams (Mets and Nationals) are only four games out of first place, and the other teams are even closer. My advice: just relax. It’s still earlyish in the season, the team is still in first place, and the players on it are good enough that they will turn around any slumps pretty quickly.

In the immortal words of Leia Organa: “The more you tigthen your grip, Tarken, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.” Whenever you find yourself being the king of the hill, I think that’s advice worth remembering.

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