Mets Challenge Yankees' Claim to New York

This last homestand has been hard to watch to say the least. Going 2-1 against the Twins was okay, but then splitting with Boston, being swept by Tampa, and on top of all that, losing to the Mets…that was tough. Unlike some Yankees fans and all Mets fans, I don’t actually have a hatred or even dislike of the “other team” in New York. However, I obviously strongly favor the Yankees and am disappointed when they lose. And let’s be real, everyone wants to be the King of Queens. Just ask Kevin James.

You can be overweight, ugly, somewhat funny, and still married to her.

The Yankees are still in second place, but they’ve fallen behind the powerhouse that is the…Tampa Bay Rays (?), and are only 1 game ahead of Toronto and 2.5 games ahead of the BoSox. With the team in such a slump, there needs to be some shaking up. And I’ve devised just the plan.

Kevin Russo and Juan Miranda have provided some excitement for the Yankees, as has Francisco Cervelli, the young Yankees catcher. Mayhaps the answer to the team’s plight is to just keep promoting random players from the farm system, or to just start plucking 12 year olds out of the stands. What is certain is that the line up needs some shaking up to get things going…and the starting pitchers have to start performing up to snuff…and the bullpen needs an overhaul…and how are we still in second place in our division?


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