I come back to this???

On April 30th I left for a two-week excursion across the Atlantic. The day I left the Mets crushed the Phillies 9-1, extending their lead to 1.5 games in the NL East. I came back Monday, and after two more excruciating losses, the Mets now sit at 20-22, 6 games back of the first-place Phils. The offense isn’t hitting, the pitching is terrible or injured after Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey, David Wright is on pace to shatter strikeout records, and $16 million-dollar man Jason Bay still only has 1 homer. Jerry Manuels seat, finally having cooled a bit during their eight-game winning streak, is now hotter than Megan Fox in a wet t-shirt. The bullpen, especially Pedro Feliciano and Fernando Nieve, is absolutely burnt out and it’s still only May. The Mets have played 41 games, Nieve has appeared in 24 games and Feliciano in 23 games. That is far too many games this early in the season. At least they’ll have some help, not that the ever-energetic and equally-enigmatic Oliver Perez has been jettisoned to the bullpen. It is a sad time to be a Mets fan.
Now one from the WWF files…John Maine vs. Mets coaching staff, round 1. Last night, after only five pitches, John Maine was pulled because his fastball(82 mph) was only slightly faster than Jaime Moyers change-up. Alarmed by this, Jerry Manuel and Dan Warthen decided it was best of the team if Maine was relieved of his duties. John did not take kindly to this, publicly arguing with Manuel in the dugout for several minutes before heading to the locker room. It wasn’t over there. After the game(a Mets win, no less), Maine was visibly peeved, saying that no one asked him how he felt, that he would have been able to continue. Meanwhile, pitching coach Dan Warthen, proceeded to add fuel to the fire by calling Maine a “habitual liar” when it came to his health. Nice going, Dan. Public calling a pitcher, someone you’re supposed to have a close working relationship with, a liar doesn’t strike me as an effective means of correcting the problem. Does anyone know of a good group therapist?

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