Yankees Protesting: Hell No, We Won't Go!

The New York Yankees are protesting their 7-6 loss to the Boston Red Sox on the grounds that no indication was given that pitcher Josh Beckett was injured when he left the game. Since Beckett was presumed injured, reliever Manny Delcarmen had as much time as he needed to warm up. To be fair, at the time that the Yankees filed the report, they were up 5-0, which makes it reasonable that they at least suspected something legitimately fishy going on.

Really, the protest is a minor thing as far as I’m concerned, and the only reason I’m writing about it is to ask a question. Is this really the most exciting news to come out of a Yankees-Red Sox game? Sure, I guess it could potentially be exciting if the Yankees actually win it and get to replay Boston. But if not, which I think is the more likely outcome, it just appears petty and ultimately it will just be forgotten about in a week or so.

Considering this is supposed to be the greatest rivalry in sports, things have been pretty tame this year. I guess it doesn’t help that Boston keeps stinking it up, but still. Am I really going to have to start actively hating on the Tampa Bay Rays just because the Red Sox can’t pull their own weight? I hope things start to turn around soon with this rivalry, and some more excitement crops up. Maybe Bud Selig should just allow the appeal for the sake of stirring the pot…

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